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Downloads, FAQs and links to helpful information about Dominator Safes, as well as general safe and security topics.




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User Guides and Instructions


Dominator Safes Getting Started Guide

Dominator Safes Warranty Registration Card

LaGard Basic Electronic Safe Lock Instructions

LaGard Basic Electronic Safe Lock Manager Instructions

LaGard Group 2M Mechanical Combination Lock Operating Instructions

LaGard Group 2M Mechanical Combination Lock Changing Instructions

LaGard 33E Combogard User Operating Instructions

Dominator Safes DD77 User Guide

Ross 1000 Biometric Quick Reference Guide

Ross 1000 Biometric Super Code Instructions

Ross 1000 Biometric User Manual

Ross 1000 Operating Instructions

Ross 1000 Super Code Instructions


Frequently asked questions.


What type of safe should I buy?

Are in-floor safes the best choice?

What is a cash rating?

How do I change my combination?

Does my safe need to be installed?

What is a fire rating?





What type of safe should I buy?


The reason there are so many different types of safes, is because there are many different requirements for the size, function, level of security and/or fire protection or the type of items that need protecting. There is no single design that provides a solution for every different application.

The best advice is to have a think about several defining questions to help narrow your search options, then browse the product are to see which safes suit your individual needs. Suitable questions would be:

What size safe can I fit into my allocated space?
What size are the items I need to store inside my safe?
What type of locking functions do I need?
Do my items require protection from fire and theft?
Does my insurance company require a particular safe to be installed?
Will there be controlled substances or firearms stored inside the safe?
With the answers to these questions, you can quickly narrow down the suitable options and browse only the relevant products on our page.



Are in-floor safes the best choice?


There is no single type of safe that is always the best choice. While in-floor safes do offer complete concealment, a major feature that most other safes do not, there are also many features that you cannot get in an in-floor safe.



What is a cash rating?


A cash rating is a term used to try and measure the level of security offered by a particular safe, based on the materials, strength and locking devices fitted. These ratings enable you to easily compare different safes and what level of security they will provide. While there isn't any official body that applies certified cash ratings to safes, the manufacturers do make reasonable assessments based on industry comparisons to try and apply an accurate figure.



How do I change my combination?


There are many different types of locks used on our safes, so you will need to identify the model of safe in order to obtain the correct operating and combination changing instructions. Dominator Safes have provided links to all of the common types of locks used on our safes under the 'User Guides and Instructions' heading to assist you with the relevant procedures. If you need any further assistance, feel free to email us or contact your local Dominator Safes dealer.



Does my safe need to be installed?


Every Dominator Safe is designed to be installed in one way or another, even the extra heavy ones. This is because it does not take much time to correctly install most safes, but it will eliminate the possibility of easy removal of the safe in the event of an attack. We always advise that a safe should be installed, whether ou have timber, concrete, brick or any other surface in the location.



What is a fire rating?


A fire rating is a reference to the level of protection a safe offers the contents of a safe against fire. Most rating are described as a combination of temperature and time to give an accurate and easy to understand indication as to the level of protection provided.

As an example, Dominator Safes has safes that are certified to comply with the CNS Class 350F 105 minute rating. 350 degrees fahrenheit is the point at which paper will get damaged from heat. With the testing furnace heated up to over 1300F, the internal compartments remained below 350F for 105 minutes.

You can use this information to detirmine if the provided fire protection is adequate for the intended application.



Fire can be devastating, but you can reduce the potential impact on your life by protecting your valuables by installing a fire resistant safe.


As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.


Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.