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Fire Resistant Safes

Fire and theft are the two most common causes of loss to personal valuables and other sensitive items. Protecting yourself against both is the best way to achieve the peace of mind you deserve. Dominator fire and burglary safes can provide varying levels of security and fire resistance, while maintaining the simple and efficient functions needed for a domestic or commercial safe.

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Home Safes

A variety of models designed to achieve a balance of aesthetics and security in the home. Different sizes cater for different requirements and multiple levels of fire and security protection ensure an effective solution to securing valuables in the home.

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Commercial Safes

Commercial applications are typically more demanding when it comes to functionality and secure storage requirements. Dominator Safes has developed several safe models in numerous configurations to cater for commercial use, whether it is for cash, valuable stock or sensitive documents.

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Deposit Safes

Effective cash management protocols can be difficult to achieve at the best of times. By incorporating a Dominator deposit safe into your day to day operations could be the solution to safe and flexible cash storage and controlling access.

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In Floor Safes

Concealment can be the best defence against theft. Installing a below ground safe can eliminate the possibility of attack by eliminating the ability to locate it.

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Drug Safes

Storage of controlled substances is vital and is regulated by Australian law. Dominator drug safes are designed to comply with all relevant requirements while providing the best possible value for money

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Firearm Safes

Firearms need to be properly secured to prevent them being obtained by the wrong people. Each state and territory has their own regulations pertaining to safe storage of firearms and Dominator Safes' GC series have been specially designed with these regulations in mind.

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Safe Locks & Other Products

A closer look at the locks and other components used to secure Dominator Safes, as well as information on relevant accessories for our products.

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Fire can be devastating, but you can reduce the potential impact on your life by protecting your valuables by installing a fire resistant safe.


As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.


Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.