The definition of the word 'Safe', according to Oxford dictionaries is: noun - A strong cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables. This definition would indicate that any product that is advertised or described as a 'safe; should be made from strong and secure materials, and include a lock, that is complex enough to make entry to the container difficult. The problem with this concept is that many safes are sold through hardware stores alongside hammers and nails or office supply companies alongside paper and pens. The staff that provide customer service at these stores are not required to be police licensed as security consultants and or come from a security background where they would have accumulated the necessary knowledge to determine what constitutes a secure safe. The purchasing teams make product decisions based on sales and business, not on quality or the level of protection provided by a safe. So why do we trust these products to protect our most prized possessions? Without breaking down the exact methods, I can say that most of the safes found in hardware stores and office supply stores can be easily opened with no tools or common household tools, with very little resistance or time needed. In many cases, these safe are able to be opened in seconds, with no damage caused to the safe at all. Shocking, I know! The real shock to me, is that from my experience in talking to customers and explaining the details as to why this is the case, most people don't know just how insecure these "safes" are. That is a serious problem. I have seen people lose thousands of dollars in cash and valuables, as well as priceless memories because they didn't know that the "safe" the bought could be easily broken into. There is a reason why these products are only sold in hardware stores and not found in the stores of professional security consultants, such as locksmiths and dedicated safe techs. It is because they would never recommend using them due to the lack of protection they offer. The only way to overcome this problem is through education. 1 Take the time to research every products you purchase, especially products that you are relying on to protect your most important possessions. 2 Talk to industry professionals and get an educated perspective on what makes a safe secure. If you do these things, you will very easily see that there are CLEAR differences between cheap hardware store safes and secure safes and that it doesn't cost the Earth to achieve actual protection and piece of mind.