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Brand New GC-3 combination firearm and valuables safe

April 06, 2016
***PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT*** The BRAND NEW Dominator GC-3 valuables and firearm cabinet has arrived. This monster is an extension of our flagship DS series safes which have been designed and tested to exceed the high security commercial requirements for modern applications. With versatile internal shelving and supports, the GC-3 can accommodate up to 8 rifles, 16 pistols and still have multiple shelves for valuables and/or ammunition. The composite concrete and steel design provides high levels of penetration and impact resistance as well as 105 minute fire protection, while the internal locking components and universal footprint provide ease and maximum burglary protection at the same time. At over 400 kilograms and providing over 395 litre internal storage capacity, the GC-3 is the ultimate solution to firearm and valuables storage, to not only meet all State and Territory firearm storage regulations, but vastly exceed them.

Education within the market - The true meaning of the word "Safe".

February 10, 2016
The definition of the word 'Safe', according to Oxford dictionaries is: noun - A strong cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables. This definition would indicate that any product that is advertised or described as a 'safe; should be made from strong and secure materials, and include a lock, that is complex enough to make entry to the container difficult. The problem with this concept is that many safes are sold through hardware stores alongside hammers and nails or office supply companies alongside paper and pens. The staff that provide customer service at these stores are not required to be police licensed as security consultants and or come from a security background where they would have accumulated the necessary knowledge to determine what constitutes a secure safe. The purchasing teams make product decisions based on sales and business, not on quality or the level of protection provided by a safe. So why do we trust these products to protect our most prized possessions? Without breaking down the exact methods, I can say that most of the safes found in hardware stores and office supply stores can be easily opened with no tools or common household tools, with very little resistance or time needed. In many cases, these safe are able to be opened in seconds, with no damage caused to the safe at all. Shocking, I know! The real shock to me, is that from my experience in talking to customers and explaining the details as to why this is the case, most people don't know just how insecure these "safes" are. That is a serious problem. I have seen people lose thousands of dollars in cash and valuables, as well as priceless memories because they didn't know that the "safe" the bought could be easily broken into. There is a reason why these products are only sold in hardware stores and not found in the stores of professional security consultants, such as locksmiths and dedicated safe techs. It is because they would never recommend using them due to the lack of protection they offer. The only way to overcome this problem is through education. 1 Take the time to research every products you purchase, especially products that you are relying on to protect your most important possessions. 2 Talk to industry professionals and get an educated perspective on what makes a safe secure. If you do these things, you will very easily see that there are CLEAR differences between cheap hardware store safes and secure safes and that it doesn't cost the Earth to achieve actual protection and piece of mind.

Security in the home - Protecting your valuables against a changing risk

January 23, 2015
Over the years, as technology progresses and our day to day habits change, we rarely take the time to think about how these changes affect our home security and potential vulnerability. There are many different elements to consider, but one such change in recent times that has had a dramatic effect on home security is the technology behind automotive security. Since the implementation of legislation in the late 1990s, pertaining to the use of immobilisers and transponder devices in passenger vehicles, we have seen an upsetting trend in the way vehicle theft is occurring in Australia. While previously, most vehicles were stolen using methods of manipulation and force of locking components, the new vehicle security requirements ensure that more is needed to be done to override the vehicles security systems. As a result, more and more vehicles are stolen by the perpetrator obtaining the keys to the vehicle. If you look at the list of the 10 most stolen models of vehicle reported during the 2013-14 financial year, 8 out of 10 vehicles are fitted with transponder technology by the manufacturer that would require the correctly programmed key to be present in order to start the engine. This indicates that keys are being obtained more often, prior to an attempted car theft. We know that the offenders in these type of thefts are not going to stop trying to steal motor vehicles. We also know that if these offenders are getting themselves in a position to obtain the keys to a vehicle, they will not leave behind any other valuables they find in the process. This is why it is more important than ever to secure your valuables in your home and ensure that secure storage in a quality safe becomes a permanent fixture in your daily routines.

Merry Christmas from Dominator Safes

December 23, 2014
During a very hectic time of year, we at Dominator Safes want to take the time to wish everyone a SAFE and Happy Christmas and New Year. Take the time to enjoy your friends and family... Take the time to relax and re energize for 2015... Take the time to appreciate the finer things in life... We are looking forward to a great year in 2015.